Bring your ideas to life with Hubelino Tangram! With just a few simple shapes and a little creativity, children can flex their imaginative muscles and find myriad animals and fantastical forms right at their fingertips. Hubelino‘s rework of this classic game is a great playtime activity for anyone with a penchant for puzzles. Holiday travel? Picnic at the park? No need to leave your games at home! Thanks to easy-to-hold game pieces and Hubelino‘s trusty click-connector system, this set is the perfect companion for kids on the go.

Hubelino Tangram is a click-connector version of a classic Chinese puzzle game and is designed for one player (age 6+). By correctly orienting patterned Tangram bricks, children build dexterity, improve their observational skills, and boost their logical and spatial reasoning. Using just seven geometric shapes, players can construct countless pictures and forms on their stud boards. The Tangram bricks should be placed in such a way that the geometric shapes printed on them touch one another to create the desired patterns.